Incredible Maths

“One of the best educational apps on Google Play!”

Incredible Maths is one of the best mathematics app that is designed to help you learn and practice maths. It covers a wide range of maths skills and topics that are great for everyone to learn – if you’re a child or an adult, you’ll find something for you so you can improve your maths skills. It’s also a fun way to revise for tests in school so you can get higher grades and be better than you peers.

Incredible Maths has clear explanations for each level that teaches you how to answer the question. Next you can practice what you have learnt by answering questions.
You can view your accuracy and speed of answering questions to see your progress and what you need to improve on.

There are also features that keep you motivated while playing this fun maths game! You can compete with friends by collecting points and view your scores on the leaderboard. You can collect points by completing levels.

• Clear, easy to understand explanations for each level
• Practice what you’ve learnt by answering questions
• View your progress and what you need to improve
• Keep motivated by competing with friends on the leaderboard
• Many more…

Wide range of content:
• Arithmetic (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
• Powers and Roots
• Rounding
• Finding percentages of numbers
• Converting units
• Fractions (Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions)
• Finding fractions of amounts
• Probability
• Learning shapes (2D shapes and 3D shapes)
• Area and perimeter of 2D shapes
• Volume and surface area of 3D shapes
• Calculating angles
• Solving simple, linear and quadratic equations
• And much more…

Start learning now!

Incredible Maths is available for free on Google Play

  • Update 1.8.1
    Introducing Roman numerals with version1.8.1!Now you can learn how to change numbers into Romannumerals and back again!
  • Exams are coming. Are you ready?
    Exams are coming. Are you ready? There’s still time to prepare with Incredible Maths! With personalised targets and questions, you can improve easily and quickly, to get the best result possible on your exam!
  • Update 1.8.0
    Update 1.8.0 is here! With this update we bring you many new major features to help motivate you to keep learning maths and making progress: Content mastered indicator Achievements Redesigned results screens New animations Updated exchange rates for currency conversion level Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Update 1.7.4
    With this update, we bring you two new levels: Finding the Highest Common Factor Finding the Lowest Common Multiple