Update 1.9.0

New features this update brings you:

  • Improvements to the artificial intelligence
    and machine learning algorithms to provide even better suggestions
  • A new “Other recommendations”
    section is available on the Targets screen, suggesting
    content that other people practise at a similar ability
    level to you.
  • The main menu now has subheadings to
    make it even easier for you to find the content you’re
    looking for.
  • In addition to all this we bring you two new
    levels – converting between ordinary numbers and
    standard form.

Update 1.8.3

Update 1.8.3 is here bringing you new content – simplifying surds!


Update 1.8.2

Update 1.8.2 is now available bringing you written methods for arithmetic calculations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

Update 1.8.1

Introducing Roman numerals with version
Now you can learn how to change numbers into Roman
numerals and back again!


Update 1.8.0

Update 1.8.0 is here! With this update we bring you many new major features to help motivate you to keep learning maths and making progress:

  • Content mastered indicator
  • Achievements
  • Redesigned results screens
  • New animations
  • Updated exchange rates for currency conversion level
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Update 1.7.4

With this update, we bring you two new levels:

  • Finding the Highest Common Factor
  • Finding the Lowest Common Multiple

Version 1.7.3

Version 1.7.3 brings a refresh to the images shown when Incredible Maths is first opened as well as bug fixes and improvements.


Version 1.7.2

Whatever you’re doing, if it’s Maths or Science or something else, it’s a very important skill to be able to convert units. With update 1.7.2 to Incredible Maths, we bring you explanations and examples on how to convert units of length, mass and volume.


Version 1.7.1

This version introduces four new levels: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.


Update 1.7.0

This update introduces Artificial Intelligence in many places in Incredible Maths!

Personalised targets

Incredible Maths now gives you personalised targets based on your abilities, which suggest which skills you should practice next!

Questions picked by Artificial Intelligence with Practice mode

AI automatically picks the best questions for you!

New points system

Points are now earnt based on your abilities – For levels that you find harder and need to practice, you will earn a lot of points. However, for levels that you find easy, you will not get as many points. This new system will encourage learning new things, and help achieve a higher rate of progress.

Improvements in Statistics

Statistics will now give more relevant data. Data is now displayed as a rolling average instead of an average. Median values are used for the average time per correct answer.

Please note: Due to this update introducing new artificial intelligence algorithms as well as the changes in Statistics, we had to modify the way score and time data is stored on the device. This means that any data collected prior to version 1.6.4 will become invalid after updating to version 1.7.0. Therefore, you may find that some Statistics data is missing.