Update 1.6.1

We are releasing update 1.6.1 to further build on the changes that were added in update 1.6.0. This includes:

  • Modifications to text and typefaces
  • Added more loading indicators where they were missing
  • Other UI improvements

We have also fixed some bugs to give you better app stability.


New Year – New Look! Update 1.6.0!

To start 2021, we are releasing a new update with a whole new clean, refreshed look for Incredible Maths. Take a look at a few sample screenshots below!

Now you can sign in using your Google account to Incredible Maths!

This means that you are now protected from account loss, and you can use the same account Incredible Maths on multiple devices.

New account management option!

Access all your account details in one place: User ID, Username and linked accounts.

If you would like to learn how to link a sign in method to a already existing account, we have an article about it in the help centre here: How to link Google Sign-In to an already existing account


Update 1.5.10

Official Chromebook Support Is Here!!!

You can now use Incredible Maths on you Chromebook as we have tested and adapted it to give you the best experience!


Update 1.5.9

Lots of bug fixes and improvements!

  • Improved UI on devices with a display cutout
  • Improved experience on Chromebooks
  • Reduced app size
  • Minor changes to the experience when first launching the app
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Update 1.5.8

We have released update 1.5.8 which adds the following new features:

  • Main Menu re-design
New Look
Old Look
  • Ability to remove friends
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Update 1.5.7

This week we have released update 1.5.7 which features a wide range of improvements as well as four new levels!

The 4 new levels are how to calculate the mean, median, mode and range of a list of numbers.